What You Need to Know About Swiftkey Flow

The award winning Swiftkey text app just got better.

After an extended beta period, Swiftkey has integrated a new gesture input mode called Swiftkey flow. Modeled after swiping keyboard apps like Swype and powered by the prediction algorithm that has made Swiftkey a top rated app, the new version may be just what you’re looking for to bring your texting to a new level.

Swiftkey text app

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If you’re using the latest version of the app, it’s already baked in. Just open the app, click SwiftKey Flow, and check the box next to “Write by sliding your finger on the keyboard.” Once you enable it, you’ll notice that you immediately have the option to either tap or swipe.


According to the website, SwiftKey Flow is the “world’s most powerful gesture input technology for tracing words and phrases on a touchscreen.” We don’t know if that’s the absolute truth, it is one of the best on the market. Combined with Swiftkey’s amazing word prediction software, the newest version also allows you to use gesture swiping to input text on your devices.

Swiftkey Flow also allows the user to personalize the look of the keyboards just like using the standard app, including the color and layout. You can also change how the keyboard is positioned. For example, if you feel like your fingers are larger than the normal keyboard, you can enlarge it. Or vice versa because it goes smaller, too.

One of the nicest features of app is the Smart Space. If you forget to hit the spacebar (or swipe it) Swiftkey will often put it in for you. So “illberightthere” becomes “I’ll be right there” automatically. That’s immensely useful when you’re typing at the speed of light with one hand as you’re running out the down.


Just remember that Swiftkey’s accuracy is tied to how much information you give it about you. In the settings, you have the option to let it scan your Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, and text apps to learn more about the way you type. You don’t have to do it if you have any privacy concerns about letting an app scan just about everything you type on your device.

Keep in mind that allowing Swiftkey to know so much about you doesn’t eliminate typos or autocorrect mistakes. In fact, using gesture typing can increase those little mistakes at first. For example, the difference between “hell” and “he’ll” isn’t necessarily apparent to the app. The experience gets better the more you use it. You’ll get used to the new features in no time.

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