What to Expect from Apple in 2014

Consumers can expect significant strides from Apple in the near future. The popular brand has several products and services that are projected to launch by the end of 2014. The year will focus on improving current products like the iPhone and expanding Apple’s book of business into new markets as well.

Some of the changes slated for 2014 may include a new e-wallet from Apple, a new Apple TV, a low-cost version of the iPhone, and a new A7 processor to help improve Apple’s different products. It’s also rumored that the release of the iPhone 6 with a bigger screen has been delayed until 2014. The aforementioned are just a few products that consumers and investors can expect from Apple during the year 2014.

Apple TV on the Horizon

Apple TV

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The new Apple TV could be released in 2013 but most expect it to hit the market in first quarter of 2014. There are rumors surrounding the new TV each year, it seems, so it’s possible there could be further delays. Apple is currently faced with the task of finding panels for the new product from a supplier that isn’t working with another TV company. Some analysts think that the new Apple TV will feature Ultra HD, providing 4,000 pixels over its horizontal axis.

Redesigned iPhone 6 for 2014

The launch of the iPhone 6 is expected to be delayed until 2014. This will be the first iPhone from Apple that will receive a significant increase in size in order to better compete with the rest of the smartphone market. Apple’s suppliers need more time to manufacture enough screens; Apple’s initial release date was projected for around October 2013. Some analysts think the new 4.8 inch iPhone 6 won’t be available until the summer of 2014. The new iPhone 6 is also expected to have a faster 20 nm processor and an upgraded iOS as well.

Faster Apple Processor for 2014

The new Apple A7 processor chip is currently in the final stage of its design and is expected to begin production in first quarter of 2014. This processor has a 20nm design and is based on ARM technologies. This may prove to be the most vital component in making Apple’s products fast enough to lead the industry by the end of 2014. The A7 is going to the first of the entire series that was not produced solely by Samsung. Several analysts feel that any remnants of a partnership between Apple and Samsung may be dissolved by the end of 2014 as well.

Perhaps an Apple eWallet?

There have been many rumors lately that Apple may add an eWallet with fingerprint scanning to its portfolio before 2014 ends. Launching an eWallet would be relatively easy for Apple since it already has access to millions of credit card consumers through platforms like the iBookstore, the App Store, and iTunes. Apple’s existing relationship with popular places like Target and Walmart will also be helpful for getting a new eWallet to market. Apple will also need to develop a system to address security concerns if it plans to release a new eWallet by 2015.

Other rumors indicate that Apple will release a discounted version of the iPhone alongside the launch of the 5S model. Analysts for Piper Jaffray think the discounted versions could sell as many as 75 million units during 2014. Apple sold less than 50 million units of the new iPhone 5 and 4S model during the last quarter of 2012. The discounted iPhone could launch as early as August, and will be available in emerging markets around the world.

This article was contribute by CJ Gordon, gadget nut, self-professed tech geek and Apple devotee. To keep his favorite phone charged, CJ uses Kensington iPhone chargers available at Kensington.com.

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