What To Do When Your Business Experiences A Power Outage

A power outage is an annoyance when it happens at your home. The worst case scenario is typically that you’re simply inconvenienced for a few hours. However, when a power outage occurs at your business, you can lose money for ever minute that the power isn’t working. If your business experiences a power outage, follow these tips to cut your losses and get everything back on track.

Contact The Power Company

If the power outage is widespread and affecting the entire surrounding area, there truthfully won’t be much that the power company can do for you specifically. However, if it’s just your power that isn’t working, calling the power company is crucial so that they can come to your business and restore your electrical services.

Attend To The Most Pressing Matters First

Different businesses have different assets and equipment that are most affected by a power outage. For example, in a restaurant, a power failure can result in thousands of dollars worth of perishable food having to be thrown away. Determine what is most essential in your business and try to move it to somewhere with power.

Safety First

Safety is crucial during a power outage. When the lights are off, people can easily accidentally injure themselves. Be sure that your employees are safe. Try to find candles or battery-powered lights as quickly as possible. If customers are currently at your business, politely suggest that they leave and return when the power is working again.

Get Everything Fixed

Once the power has been restored, you might still have some issues to resolve. If any equipment was damaged during a power surge, you’ll have to contact a commercial electronics repair service. The only thing left to do once your lights are back on is to clean everything up and get your business up and running again.

A power outage at your business can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to equate a major loss if you follow these tips. If you believe that a power outage could have a devastating effect on your business, consider investing in a backup generator.

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