What To Do If Your Smartphone Works Against You And How to Prevent It

Did you know that the gadget, that you use daily, may work against you? We are talking ablout mobile phones and smartphones, we use them really frequently and for various reasons: communications, web browsing and many others. Latest devices may even make it possible to commit a high load calculations, while stying mobile! And the main problem of those mobile gadgets, as we at Jammer-Store see it — we store too many personal and really sensitive data to them.


That’s the main reason why smartphones — are the first target of hackers, that would try to steal your data or even your money. That is possible, not only if you use your smartphone for paymnets, but if you also keep or send credit card data via it. The most widely spread way to steal money from mobile phone users is infecting their mobile devices with SMS trojans, which send messages to privileged short phone numbers with a really high tariffication.

That’s why we have decided to write that post about what to do if your smartphone works against you. First of all you should know that there are a couple of possible threats, your mobile device can pose. Probably the worst and the most dangerous are tracking issues. If your smartphone has an embedded GPS module – your location may be tracked. Evildoers may install a special app, that will share the data gathered with your GPS module.


But you should know, that your cell phone may conceal your location, even without a GPS module. Device’s location may be found between three closest cell towers, depending on the signal strength of each of it. That technique is called a cell tower triangulation. Fortunately its accuracy is really lower than of GPS. Also, we should mention, that cell tower triangulation won’t work, if you are out of GSM coverage area.

Also we should mention the so called eavesdropping risk. If you using wireless networks and Bluetooth connections frequently, evildoers may use that to hack your smartphone. In that case a special app will be installed, which will be able to dial a default phone number, so evildoers will be able to listen to anything that is going on near the device. That is why it is recommended to turn off cell phones, if you are at a serious meeting. Also, that is the main reason why GSM blockers are a popular anti-eavesdropping measure and are often installed in conference calls.


And also, pay attention to the fact, that cell phones may be dangerous even without any evildoers. Using mobile gadgets, while driving causes more than 60% of car accidents in the world. The point here is that they lower your braking reactions. Also, they distract your from observing the road situation.

Generally, it is unlikely that an ordinary man will face those vulnerabilities of modern smartphones, but it is always better to be prepared. We should understand, that we live in an informational era, and information now is the most valuable resource, which is definitely worth protection.

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