What is SIM only

I have seen a lot of ads for sim only plans and I have no idea what they were so I made a little investigation and written this post.

Sim only are the type of contract when you get a new new sim only without a new mobile.

This type of sim card deals allows you to keep your existing phone and phone number and benefit form cheaper tariff than contracting a new mobile phone contract.

The main advantage is price. Because you don’t receive a new phone the tariffs are reduced. Sim only contracts work the same way as normal mobile phone contracts except you keep your phone and phone number.

These things are very easy to operate with: just pop our SIM into your existing phone and you are done.

A typical Sim only contract looks like this:

  • you get 300 minutes
  • unlimited text messages
  • contract length 12 month
  • monthly cost £10.00

Sim only advantages:

  • you keep your phone number
  • you can start using it straight away with your existing phone
  • you get more minutes & texts for your money
  • you get better prices
  • easy to use
  • free next day delivery
  • free connection

For more details about sim only offers visit .

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  1. Michelle | Large Format Posters

    I think it’s good to have this option. Now you can have numerous numbers while just using one phone. I think a lot of people do this.

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