What is SEO

If you have a website or if you want to start one you probably heard of search engine optimization – SEO.


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Basically SEO means to optimize a site in a way the site will get top 10 rankings in search engines for the keywords the webmaster targets.

Although SEO is something every webmaster/site owner is trying to learn to get “free search engine traffic” the search engine engineers, like Matt Cutts claim that the best way to do SEO is to not do any SEO.

So to optimize or to don’t optimize your site? This is the question.

Well, from my ears of experience by being a web/blog developer I noticed that some tactics can help you get more traffic while others will hurt a site’s rankings.Simply you should put your website in front of the potential visitors. Because you want more traffic for your website.

This can be done in many ways: by having a blog, making videos, utilizing social sites, writing on forums, using the RSS feeds, writing guest posts and so on.

There are many ways of getting people on your website and although most of them are free these techniques take a lot of time. This is why most people prefer to hire professionals to take care of their SEO needs. Fro example teliad.com SEO Services allows site owners to find and purchase ads on popular sites in their market.

Although SEO is considered to be free the reality is that people with bigger budgets win. If you have the money you can hire the best people to write and syndicate content for you.

The ones without a SEI budget can get traffic by being creative and working hard. Eg. instead of hiring people to write a press release for you you can learn to do it yourself.

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