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I just got an email from Alex Fehertavi letting me know about a new project called Codie. The project look exciting so you can read what is it about below. The text is written by Alex.


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Some say that coding is the new literacy. We’ll see if that prediction ever becomes true in the near future, but nevertheless, knowing how to program and the knowledge of how to use technology in a creative way prove to be a real asset. In many countries like the UK or Estonia, coding has already been introduced in the school curriculum, and children as young as 8 write their first programs. Even if they don’t grow up to be coders, coding teaches logical thinking and they gain problem solving skills along the way. Understanding the underlying concepts of technology enables them to use technology effectively.


Codie is a toy robot and a brand new visual coding language by a small startup that aims to teach the principles of coding to kids. The children use their smartphones to program the robot, the app organizes the code of robotics into colorful blocks, which children can sequence together to create programs. The app teaches them basic coding concepts like if-else structures, variables or loops along the way.


The robot features many sensors, Codie uses an ultrasound to measure the distance of the objects in front of the robot (and can act accordingly!), has a gyroscope and an accelerometer built in, a compass, a buzzer and a light sensor integrated and a few more are to come. It utilizes a caterpillar track to move around and uses Bluetooth 4.0 to connect to smart devices. The body of the robot is carved out of high-quality strengthened wood, to bear with the everyday use.

Codie is not just a toy, it’s a creative tool to that children can use in countless ways. The team behind comes from different backgrounds, we have engineers, designers and even psychologists on board, together we are able to cover the whole scope of teaching children.

You can find more info on the website (http://getcodie.com) and subscribe for exclusive news and offers.

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