What is Billetus, the Carbon Fiber Billet Wallet

If you’re tired of your old haggard leather wallet then it might just be time to give Billetus a try.


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Billetus is the embodiment of a wallet in a super-car form. From first glance, it’s obvious that Billetus takes design cues from high end automobiles like Ferrari and Ducati. They’ve managed to create a wallet that not only holds you cash and cards but is an art form as well.

Using exotic materials like carbon fiber, titanium and aircraft grade aluminum, designer Dennis Kaping undertook the task of making a wallet that’s not only strong and lightweight, but highly functional with an original design. It initially looks like a money clip but further inspection reveals a bottom compartment for your credit cards all wrapped up in carbon fiber and held together with titanium fasteners.

Another unique design feature of Billetus is it’s tapered edges. This not only allows Billetus to slip easily into your pocket, it makes comfortable to carry. These wallets are as thin as an iPhone 4S and about the size of a regular wallet or smaller.

You’ll find that Billetus wallets comes in two styles: Billetus Maximus and Billetus Minimus. The former is a carbon fiber, titanium and aluminum version while the latter sports an all aluminum body and elastic strap. Both wallets come in an assortment of vibrant anodized colors.

Recently Billetus was launched on the popular website Kickstarter and has already reached their funding goal of $15,500 with over a month still remaining in their campaign. To find out more, please visit them at: http://bit.ly/BILLETUS

By Dennis Kaping

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