What is a Spectrophotometer

Spectrophotometer in simple definition is a device used to measure the color of an object as well as generate other color related properties primarily on LCD screens. It is a small devices that is usually held in hand in its usage and can be used for the purposes of studying color quality on LCD screens as well as generating spectral graphs that can be used to drew similarities and dissimilarities and other properties of color using a graphical representation.


Because the device is capable of generating various arrays related to light, it can also be used as a generator of arrays that can be redisplayed on screens or other media for various purposes.

A spectrophotometer is a very simple device to use much like any other plug in and use devices. It consists of adjustable knobs and display surfaces that can be adjusted to fit the properties of light to be measured. These properties are displayed on the meter surface where quantification takes place. To allow for more advanced analyses, this device is designed in such a way that the captured data can be transferred to other devices like computers for further manipulations. This includes the blue tooth wireless transfer and also plug ins mode of transfer.

A spectrophotometer has a lot of uses other than its primary use. First of all, because this device measures light of light, it can be used in biological studies related to light, for example photosynthesis and transpiration. It can also be used in physics to generate various properties of light for the purposes of study. It can also be used to capture data that can be put to other uses in computing world. It is a portable device with a wide usage both for commercial or personal uses, in house and also out of the house uses.

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