What I’d Like to See in a Next Generation Tablet

The tablet computer has truly come of age, and is fast becoming the device of choice when connecting to the Internet for purposes mostly casual and entertainment-related. While some desktop “traditionalists” see this as a negative trend, taking the focus away from the old ways and eventually killing the consumer PC market, I think it’s simply great that there’s an even more casual way to get connected without having to squint into a tiny smartphone screen.


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Really Affordable

Just as they are widespread, fierce competition amongst tablet makers has forced the price down to such low levels that you can actually pick up a tablet good enough for casual internet and multimedia use for significantly under $100. You can barely afford a “regular” computer (desktop, laptop, notebook, etc.) on a $300 budget, and yet here’s a device that will allow you to do most regular internet-based tasks for a sixth of the value.

However, Wherever

Portability and ease of use are winning traits of the tablet computer, and the slim and elegant form factor allows just about anyone to use it, virtually anywhere. Add a few choice accessories, and the tablet gains even more functionality, further rendering its bigger cousins irrelevant or even obsolete. An example would be the iPad case I have which also sports a keyboard; instant word processing workstation anywhere, minus the bulk!


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My Vision for the Next Tablets

I’ve talked enough about the status quo; it’s time for some fantasizing and daydreaming of what could be next. Impressive as the tablets are at the moment, one can always think up of more add-ons, upgrades, and innovations that could further bolster the usefulness of this nifty gadget.

Here is a wishlist that I thought up of, so far:

  • Flexibility – Samsung has already showcased their very exciting OLED displays during CES 2013, and this technology would be the key to making a tablet that could be literally rolled up when not in use. This will allow for even larger display tablets that don’t compromise on the weight and portability.
  • Longer Operating Time – Advancements in battery technologies keep getting developed, such as this potential upgrade over the regular lithium ion battery. Smaller, higher capacity batteries would further shrink the size and weight of the components, making for an even more compact product, or allow more features to be crammed in.
  • Navigating With Your Eyes – Eye tracking technologies have been around for quite some time now, and I would like to see (pun intended) this implemented in a tablet computer. With eyes, voice, and fingertips working in conjunction, one can have much richer computing experience. Also, think of what it can do for games…
  • Tactile Touch Screens – A company called Tactus has already developed a touch screen that can simulate bumps and textures on its surface; soon, a tablet’s touch screen need not be just a flat and boring flat surface. There are so many potential applications for this, such as an actual tactile keyboard, Braille capability for the sight-impaired, and simulation of various textured surfaces for various creative purposes.


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  • More Connectivity – With USB 3 supported devices already out in the market, it would make sense. that the next generation tablets would take advantage of having more ports and connection options. Bluetooth connectivity should also come standard so tablets would have no trouble talking to other devices, as well as other tablets.
  • Even More Doohickeys, Dongles, and Accessories – Tablets don’t really have more features and capabilities compared to a desktop or laptop; more often than not, it’s the other way around. More add-ons specifically targeted for tablet use (the have to be substantially smaller and use mini or micro-USB connectors) should be made available.


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Frankly, I’m all excited and hoping that these technologies and others make it into the new generations of tablet computers. Onward to a better computing experience!

About the Author

Stacey Thompson is a professional writer, marketer, entrepreneur, and a lover of weird little animals. She is based in San Diego, California, and owns one too many tablets. Her group’s blog is Word Baristas.

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