What Careers Are In Demand In Today’s Tech-Driven World?

The tech-driven world demands individuals with a variety of skill sets that understand the landscape. They include front end jobs with webmasters and social media managers to behind the scenes with cyber security analysts, electrical engineers, software developers, and software engineers. Here is a quick look at each career.

What Careers Are In Demand In Today's Tech-Driven World

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To be successful as a webmaster, professionals have to know their way around the internet and websites. They are the chameleons of IT due to familiarity with design, coding in HTML and JavaScript, content writing, and more. Additional responsibilities come in the form of managing multiple sites simultaneously. Understanding metrics, analytics and interacting with visitors make this a well-rounded opportunity.

Social Media Manager

This high-demand career is the newest one to make the list. They may work in marketing or consumer relations departments with an expertise in digital media branding. A proficiency in social media platforms is critical with an ability to monitor and manage several accounts. Developing a social media strategy and executing efficient practices are required using software such as Hootsuite, Google Analytics, Crowdbooster, and Agorapulse.

Cyber Security Analyst

The internet is not the safest platform for information. It is the original open source model with vulnerabilities occurring regularly. Cyber Security Analysts are charged with providing various levels of protection across the entire infrastructure. This includes risk assessment, analysis, and detection followed by developing a response framework for incidents. They have a working knowledge of network and software engineering to facilitate the ability to mitigate information breaches.

Electrical Engineer

Design and development of electronic hardware is the fundamental role of electrical engineers. They are also responsible for testing their projects. A bevy of work is available in research and development, manufacturing, and telecommunications. Opportunities for innovating and working with complex systems offer a rewarding experience. Room for growth includes leading large and small teams or starting a firm, which requires a degree such as a Master’s in Electrical Engineering.

Software Developer

Computer programmers are also known as software developers and are a mainstay in the IT ecosystem. They are responsible for writing in a variety of languages that allow networks to communicate with each other or perform tasks. Working with digital media and online publishers is another option for these professionals. The latest career evolution is creating apps.

Software Engineer

As the name denotes, this job works with the intricacies of computer software. Each application has its own set of methods that require testing, analysis, and quantifying. In addition, management and maintenance is a crucial component that is the responsibility of software engineers. Their main objective is to provide on-going reliable and stable software operations.

The advent of the internet has carved a niche of professions and added more jobs for established disciplines. The ability to work with enterprise or small businesses in every industry is job security. Finding a career in the IT industry has limitless possibilities.

By Anita Ginsburg


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