What Can Your Business Learn About Technology Strategy from Pokémon GO?

The trend everyone is talking about right now is the Nintendo augmented reality game Pokémon GO. Whether you are a player or not, you can’t have failed to have noticed the big impact this game has had on people all over the world, quickly becoming more used than Tinder, the popular dating app, and even rivaling Twitter for daily access – despite at the time only being officially available in the US and Australia.


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Realistically, your business can’t hope for that level of virility or press coverage, but there are some lessons to be learned about how people are using their personal tech right now that could help in your technology strategy. Here, we look at what all businesses can learn from Pokémon GO and its success:

Mobile Apps Are Now a Fact of Life

Mobile apps have been with us since the very first smartphones, but are now clearly no longer just an add on or a novelty. The amount of time people are prepared to spend using the Pokémon GO app for entertainment shows just how important a part of our lives mobile apps now are. If your business isn’t using its own apps or leveraging the benefits of productivity apps among your own staff, you are behind the curve. Think about whether a custom app for your customers might make them more prone to engage with your business, and whether hiring people with skills like working with native mobile controls for iOS, Android, and Xamarin might be an asset to your company moving forward.

The Social Factor is Always Key

One thing that has helped make Pokémon GO so huge is that fact that it brings people together. We are now very used to social media as a way to connect with people we know already better, but this game draws all different players to the same locations and allows people to make new local friends they may otherwise never have connected with. Social has been important with technology for a long time, but rather than looking at it as a thing that benefits you when your customers tell their friends about your brand, is there a way your business can bring new people together?


The Pokémon GO game came out at a time when people around the world were feeling quite jaded for various reasons involving politics and serious incidents. It is a simple, fun thing and can be played by anyone, anywhere, and this lightheartedness is one of the things that has made it so popular. With your own marketing and business strategy, always remember that people like fun more than just about anything else. A trivial promotional game as an app could well work as a marketing tool, and you should also consider how you can make your site fun to interact with.

Pokémon GO could either be a passing fad or an indication of a future where augmented reality is a big player in entertainment. Until we see how it plays out, there is still so much we can learn from this new phenomenon.

By Ryan

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