What Are The Tie Wires

In many situations, fences are the first level of security for a home or business. No matter if it’s chain link, barbed wire, electrical, or double-weave mesh, those who wish to do harm in some way can be deterred by a high fence. However, this security is considerably degraded when fence wire is not securely attached to posts. Then, practically any person can get in. Therefore, even though wire coating machines and mesh weavers are very important in the fence manufacturing industry, the tie wire machine is the one above them all. And, the good news is, they are the simplest of devices to purchase and use.

Tie wires are used to secure fencing wire to posts. Only a few inches long, the wires are shaped like an open circle to wrap around the post with a pair of straight, open ends. These ends are tied with either a manual pair of pliers or automated twisting machines that can be purchased through a number of companies, including Bergandi. When securely tied, fence links are tightened against posts to eliminate available space for an intrusion.

The efficiency of these machines is something to admire. The raw wire is fed into a pulley system where an automated cutting implement snips the length needed. The wire is then formed into the shape mentioned above and dropped into a series of cylinders which contain a series of plastic storage bags. The cylinders are automatically rotated once full to start a new round of packaging. As the filling continues, employees remove the filled bags of wire and replace them with empty bags for the next round.

Manufacturing tie wires instead of purchasing them from another company can make for a powerful Return of Investment (ROI). What you need to determine as a fence manufacturer is if this type of machine will fit your business model. You won’t need to look at floor space since one of these devices is small enough to fit anywhere in your floor plan. If needed, consult with a fencing machinery company in your area to see what they offer and how it can fit within your desired budget.

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