What are refurbished gadgets

Refurbishment  is the process of major maintenance or minor repair of an item, either aesthetically or mechanically.

The gadgets that are refurbished usually means that it did not initially pass quality standards of the manufacturer. They then fix or recertify the unit and sell it at a discount price . Most of them carry a 30 day store warranty and 90 days with manufacturer.

Open-box, returned and/or repaired electronics of all kinds are frequently sold as refurbished, almost always with a guarantee of functionality and at a small discount.

Buying some refurbished gadgets can be a smart thing to do, because, if you are lucky you can get expensive, quality gadgets very cheap.

Refurbishment is especially common with more expensive types of electronics such as video game consoles and computer monitors, likely because these items have relatively high return rates (attributed to a combination of buyer’s remorse and the fact that categories of electronics have a direct cost-to-complexity relationship; complex gadgets are more likely than simpler ones to have one or two defective components) and benefit more, sales-wise, from price-proportional discounts than cheaper items.

Why should I buy refurbished equipment?

Refurbs save cash! Why hesitate getting the best value by getting the exact same equipment, with original manufacturers warranty at a much lower price:

  • If you couldn’ afford that expensive item till now – NOW you can with a factory refurb! And still get the same performance & warranty.
  • Refurbished items have a much lower defect rate. From 10 units that come back for repair only 1 is usually a factory refurb, because refurbished units are tested before they are sold.

I will show you some refurbished gadgets in future posts.

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  1. For those who are on a tight budget but wants cool gadgets, indeed purchasing refurbished products is a great choice. Somehow they are of the best quality compared to china made but in a reasonable price. We just don’t know about the warranty and how long it might work but certainly, it’s a practical choice.

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