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If you have a gadget blog as few of our readers have you must host it to a reliable host.

I’m posting about web hosting again because it is vital to host your site to a good server from the beginning because changing your host is a very time consuming process and you can lose data (your work) while transferring files.

I post about web hosting rating because too many host providers claim to have unlimited Hosting Space and Bandwidth.

This is a lie. They don’t really offer unlimited Bandwidth. In the best case all is unlimited, but you can host just 1 domain, the idea is you can’t consume too much disk space or bandwidth with just one domain.

Another way to limit your "unlimited bandwidth" is via the hosting term of services: if your site uses more than 25% of their processor your account will be temporary suspended(in the best case). With a good blog having 2000 visitors per day you can eat 25% of their processor.

I was talking to support people of a "unlimited bandwidth" hosting and the discussion was something like that:

Me: Do you offer unlimited bandwidth?

Support: Yes.

Me: And if I have a popular blog with 3000-4000 visitors per day which needs a lot of bandwidth what it will happen?

Support: We shut down your account.

Nice answer no? The bandwidth was unlimited but if you need to much they will cancel your account and you’ll probably loose all your files from the server.

Before choosing a host see some web hosting tutorials.  

Also be careful at the sites offering Yahoo, Google and Msn free credits to the pay per click programs. The majority of the sites are offering credits only to the US citizens – don’t ask me why.

Web hosting awards can be helpful but don’t base your entire decision on them.   

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  1. Ok… now this is a shock! Never did i expect something like this to happen! Why in the world would they shot down my account? Isn’t that against the contract?

  2. Can you help me, what’s the best webhosting ?

  3. Thanks for this post. I thought unlimited meant unlimited.
    thanks for the heads-up

  4. I’m starting to get really frustrated. I cannot seem to get the best shared web host for my web sites. I am using ixwebhosting, but they usually are down every other day! Will somebody assist me?

  5. I’m starting to get undoubtedly upset. I am unable to find a way to find a good shared internet hosting for my web sites. I am using ixwebhosting, but they are usually down almost daily! Could someone help me?

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