Ways To Triple Targeted Traffic For Your Online Business With Photo-Sharing On Instagram

Many businesses online are now recognizing the importance of social media marketing for the growth and development of their companies. However, when it comes to the use of social media platforms, they make one common mistake. They post the same content on all platforms with the hope of getting more customer engagement and new customers. What they fail to realize is that every social media platform is different and needs its strategy. This is why as an online business owner if you wish to make your social media marketing campaigns a success, take time and study every social media platform separately.

Understanding social media platforms well

Online businesses generally use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Google Plus to reach out to their targeted audience base. Advertising on LinkedIn relates to professionals, and so it is wise to post informative content that will engage them. If you are using Twitter hashtags and the nature of your tweets will determine whether your audience follows you or not. Instagram and Pinterest are visual platforms however different. Pinterest uses pins to market and advertises your products whereas Instagram uses images and videos to connect with the targeted audience. You need to be good at words when you are using Facebook and Google Plus for your business promotions. The more engaging the content, the more shares likes and comments you get. From the above, it is evident that every social media platform is unique and different. They are not the same, and so it is prudent for you not to treat them the same!

Ways To Triple Targeted Traffic For Your Online Business With Photo-Sharing On Instagram 1

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Instagram – the popular photo-sharing platform to trigger more inbound traffic for your business

Do you know that photos and videos can promote your business on the Internet? Instagram is a mobile application that allows you to upload images of your product and share them with your network instantly. You do not even need a sophisticated camera to take pictures and share your images with your followers.

Reach out and promote your business with photo sharing

When you are using Instagram for business marketing and promotion, you will find that it is a convenient and simple platform for you to use. This platform ensures that you reach out to over 800 million registered users on the Internet in the age group of 18 years to 30 years. In short, Instagram is a very good platform if you are looking for a visual base that includes both photographs and videos for your business. Instagram again differs from YouTube that focuses on video sharing. Instagram videos are shorter, and they need to capture the essence of your business in the first 15 seconds to create a positive impact on the audience and trigger real Instagram likes in the process.

Most online business owners use Instagram for business marketing however they are not aware of how to use the platform correctly. The following are some expert tips via which you can use Instagram for your business marketing and generate more targeted traffic-

  1. Use high-quality images and videos only – Visuals are essential on Instagram. They communicate a thousand words. One image can make or break your brand. While posting on Instagram, ensure you take high-quality pictures and use a consistent photo theme for the images you post.
  2. Images should be relevant to your business niche – The images you post should be relevant to your business niche. For instance, if you are own a restaurant, post pictures of the menu dishes you offer to boost customer engagement. If you post pictures of fashion and apparels, the post will not attract targeted traffic, and you might lose potential customers for posts irrelevant to your niche.
  3. Hashtags – Hashtags are crucial to the success of your posts. If you do not use the right hashtags, customers cannot find you. There is no point posting on Instagram if your customer cannot find you. Use hashtags that are popular and trending. If you are a newbie to Instagram, you may go through your competitor pages on Instagram to get an accurate idea of how hashtags should be used. Use relevant hashtags to your business niche so that online visitors can find you easily. You should include your keywords in your hashtags so that people looking for your business niche can find you quickly.

Photo sharing and videos have a powerful appeal, and if you use them correctly for business marketing on Instagram, you can triple the inbound traffic to your website. Instagram has helped both small and large online businesses to establish their brand presence in the market. With the aid of its innovative features like Instagram Stories and Instagram Live, you can reach out to the targeted audience faster and encourage shares, likes and comments. Customer engagement improves, and you can connect with both your present and potential customers easily!

Trudy Seeger is a social media marketing manager with a leading firm in the USA who helps clients get real Instagram likes for their business with easy tips on posting strategies for photo and video sharing online.

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