Water Works: New Technology for Cities to Economize

The city water system is the most important part of any community. People can live for a few days without electricity, but cannot go for even a day without clean water. Our city water systems are connected to nearly every part of the city. People walk by parts of the water system they do not even acknowledge, and the city must make sure they have economized as much as they can to keep the city healthy.

Water Works New Technology for Cities to Economize

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Wasted Water At Hydrants

According to Terminal City Iron Works Ltd, cities go through maybe a few fire hydrants a year, but these fire hydrants must be updated to suit 21st Century needs. Fires from electricity or on modern synthetics can burn hotter and longer than ever before. However, the fire hydrant design that is used by most cities is a design from a hundred years ago.

Cities can now invest in new hydrants that are easy to turn on and off. The water can be economized, and the city remains safe at the same time.

Water Treatment

Nowadays, cities need to find the most economical ways to purify water. Clean water supplies are in the news, and the city must make sure it can keep up with the demands of the city. The water treatment plants must use updated technology to clean water more quickly and efficiently. If the city invests in just a few upgrades at every plant, they will have much cleaner water to drink and use.


Most cities use watering and usage bans when the weather gets hot. However, it is best for the city to enact these bans at all times. When the city has these bans in place all year, everyone will be pushed to conserve water. This may be uncomfortable for certain households, but working to have clean water long into the future is something we all need to be a part of.

Cities these days are trying to invest in a sustainable future, and they must make sure they have taken steps to keep their water supply clean. Each step above is something cities can do to help citizens live cleaner lives, and these same steps can be used to save more money. If your city takes the conservation of water seriously, you will have a better chance of surviving in the long run. Talk to your officials as soon as possible to make your voice heard and to implement some of these technologies.

By Brooke Chaplan

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