Walking Robot Pencil Sharpener

Walking Robot Pencil Sharpener

A smart little robot that performs a function as well as entertaining. The action of sharpening a pencil also winds-up the clockwork mechanism that makes him walk along, although a key is also provided for when you’ve run out of pencils.Semi-Automatic Graphite Enhancement Automaton Here are two little known facts: * The graphite pencil was first mass produced in the year 1662. * The first pencil sharpeners weren’t made until 1893, which left many people disappointed by their pencil purchases for over 200 years. The first fact is a real fact; the second fact is a fake fact (that is, a joke). What can we say, the Walking Robot Pencil Sharpener has a very dry and unusual sense of humor. Our robot told us the above facts. And then it sharpened our pencil and walked away. This is perhaps the coolest pencil sharpener ever to walk on its own. Just open its chest, insert a pencil, twist to sharpen, and remove your pointy pencil. By sharpening your pencil, you have secretly wound the 4″ robot’s power core and it will now begin walking toward you (or in whatever direction it’s facing). The shavings empty into the robot’s cranial chamber, which can be easily opened for emptying. If you don’t have a pencil handy, just use the included key to wind up the robot. Either way, your robot will walk with delight. Sorry if it proceeds to tell you bad jokes, though. Please note:The robot will sharpen any regular pencil, but only some round pencils seem to wind it up. All hexagonal pencils, however, seem to give your robot the energy it needs to walk (pencils not included).

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