Walkie Talkie Watches

Walkie Talkie Watches

These Walkie Talkie Watches are quite literally the handiest pair of walkie talkies around. Not only do the watches have a full clock function, but they’re also professional PMR (a slightly easier way of saying Private Mobile Radio-communicators) watches. In fact they are of such high quality that they were sported by the Norwegian Winter Olympic team during last year’s Winter Olympics – and if anyone should know about tough communication it’s the Norwegians – you try saying “hjelp, jeg vet ikke hvor jeg er” in a high wind and being understood.

The watch design, 3km range and VOX (Voice Activated Operation – oh how they love acronyms) make these walkie talkies ideal for active souls who enjoy hiking, skiing and staying in touch for free when on the move. They have eight channels and 38 sub codes per channel giving you over 300 channel combinations for private conversation. To top that all off, communication is free as there is no licence required.

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  1. Do we know what frequencies these watches operate on? They might not be license-free in all countries, that’s why I’m asking.

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