WakaWaka Power Review

WakaWaka Solar Powered lamp & Mobile phone charger is a solar powered lamp and mobile phone charger, but you can charge pretty much any gadget which uses a USB port for charging.

WakaWaka colage

The WakaWaka has an interesting design: it is light and compact (it easily fits in a pocket and it weights just 200g) and looks stylish.

The gadget has several useful features especially for people who need a solar power source to charge their phones or need a flashlight.

WakaWaka main features:

    • universal mobile phones and other USB powered devices charger
    • with the face panel towards sun it will fully charge in 8 hours. Also you can charge it via USB in just 4 hours if you are in a hurry
    • the design makes it easier to place it where you need the device – it can be used handing, free standing or on a bottle top
    • as a lighting source it offers 3 options: Bright with 20+ hours battery life, Reader with 40+ hours battery life and Saver when you get over 200 hours battery life
    • as a solar power you need to connect a USB to micro USB cable to charge a device
    • water resistant
    • components are made by Samsung
    • rechargeable Li-Po battery

About WakaWaka product and WakaWaka foundation

WakaWaka review

 WakaWaka Power  Box front 

WakaWaka Power  Box back

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WakaWaka Power  solar panels

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WakaWaka Power  light

WakaWaka Power  on a bottle

The WakaWaka is simple to use and easy to carry which makes it a good option for camping and other outdoor activities. Also you can use it when you are travelling and to act as a charger for your smartphone.

How WakaWaka works

I used it to charge my X-mini and it worked juts fine and I will test it with other gadgets soon. It is really simple to charge something – you just need to connect the gadget via cable and press one button.

To use it as a lighting source is also easy – the device has one button and by pressing it multiple times you get a powerful flashlight, a light for reading or a less brighter light in Saver mode.

Also in emergently cases if you keep the power button pressed for a few seconds the WakaWaka will emit SOS signals.

Pricing and availability

You can get WakaWaka from Waka-Waka.com and the price for the device is $79. And when you buy a WakaWaka device one is donated for people really needing an energy source (see details on http://WakawakaFoundation.org),

The WakaWaka power is available in 2 colors:  yellow and black.


The gadget itself is useful and cool and in plus the foundation donates devices to people who need them the most.

The WakaWaka is a useful gadget to have.

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