Vroom Vroom: Amazon Cloud Player Now Available in Ford Cars

The Amazon Cloud Player is now available in Ford vehicles. This amazing app makes it possible for music lovers to stream their favorite tunes using voice commands or dashboard control options while driving. Ford is a brand that always goes above and beyond the duty to provide the perfect experience. This time Ford has out done them by including Amazing Cloud Player with the latest Ford models. Any Ford Sync App compatible vehicle can take advantage of all of the perks that the Amazon Cloud Player has to offer. Music lovers will be able to easily have access to their favorite songs while on the road. Nine apps are being included in the software lineup for 2013. A total of twenty apps have now officially been released for the new Ford lineup.


Wowing Features of Amazon Cloud Player

The features of Amazon Cloud Player are truly a force to be reckoned with. The ability to use voice controls allows users to enjoy more safety and security when behind the wheel. Ford is striving to provide their customers with the ultimate experience. The latest music app is one heck of an accomplishment for the folks at Ford. Many Android apps like the Amazon Cloud Player are compatible with the Ford Sync App. Users will have the ability to browse and shop through more than twenty million songs. Two hundred fifty songs can be stored for free, but if users require more they will need to upgrade to the premium package.

How Users Feel About Amazon Cloud Player

Users do not seem to have a lot of complaints about this app. In fact, many users have been singing the praises of this app in online reviews. This is not a perfect app. It does have some flaws associated with it. Users have complained that it is difficult to locate specific songs. Users state that this app needs a search box. Other users state that the app needs to have the ability to incorporate an Amazon wish list. All in all, this app is hard to beat. It easily meets the needs of most music lovers. Ford understands that drivers like to listen to their favorite songs while behind the wheel. Their latest Sync App program allows users to safely listen to their favorite songs while driving down the road. Apps like the Amazon Cloud Player make it possible for driver’s to change songs effortlessly.

The Appeal of Amazon Cloud Player

The new Sync App system basically is designed to look like a Smartphone instead of a traditional car stereo. Amazon Cloud Player has achieved high reviews and provides an amazing performance. The dashboard controls or touch screen can be another way to control Amazon Cloud Player. Your favorite downloaded songs will instantly being playing through the speakers of your Ford vehicle at the touch of a button. The Amazon Cloud Players has only been around for a small amount of time. Not nearly enough users have had the pleasure of taking advantage of everything that this app has to offer. Ford has got a bright idea by installing their new App Sync feature in their vehicles. The Amazon Cloud Player is one of the best apps that are available in the lineup. Ford is keeping up with their competition and proving once and for all that they are one of the best vehicle makers in the world. Millions of people use the Amazon Cloud Player already. Users state it is a fantastic product that does not have a lot of bells and whistles, but instead is a simple app that is a must have.

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