Virtual Roulette – Microgaming Demos the Latest Trend

Earlier this year Microgaming had the best showcase at the 2016 ICE, a VR roulette game. It was only a question when was the VR technology going to be used in gambling, and it seems as if that moment has arrived. However, this was only a demo by Microgaming showing it’s preparations for taking over the industry with new virtual reality games, which may be released very, very soon.

Players now can’t wait to see these types of games at the Top NZ Casinos or the Microgaming casinos at Mobile Casino Safari. Imagine having to use VR technology for all the games like slots, video poker, blackjack, and all the table games. Or better yet, imagine all online casinos turning into VR casinos and you get to actually walk into the casinos booming with other VR players. It’s like taking online gambling ten levels up than what it stands for now.


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Visitors of the 2016 ICE could witness Microgaming’s virtual roulette in an ultra-futuristic CRYO lab. This lab was made specifically for the event and inside you could try out the latest award-winning game by the giant Microgaming. Dozens of people queued up to try out the game.

Using the Oculus Rift DK 2 headset with Leap Motion 3D Controller players were virtually transported to a roulette table. Microgaming has even released a video titled Pioneering the Future, where the people behind this game talk about this pioneering initiative and the future of online casinos.

Microgaming is one of the biggest players in the industry, notable for helping launch the first ever online casino in 1994. Since then the company has been steadily leading all the other software companies in the online gambling industry, and has helped set the standards that we have today. Its games library is composed of nearly 1000 unique titles and more than 2000 variations. With this VR roulette games, Microgaming will no doubt start a new era in the industry.


This VR roulette game won an award at the Global Gaming Awards last September for its revolutionizing concept. The game is hosted by a virtual dealer acting perfectly normal as if you were playing against a human dealer. Inside you can even see the shapes of your hands as you take chips and place them on the table or interact with the other surroundings.

This roulette variation is based on European roulette, but knowing that Microgaming has dozens of different roulette variations, there is no doubt that when time comes for VR games to be introduced into the casinos there will be VR roulette games for every variation.

The main question is how these types of games will be received by the general gambling public and will the VR headsets become affordable by then so that every can enjoy VR casino games. Will other game providers soon develop competing games of their own?

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