Virtual Dolphin

Virtual Dolphin

Virtual Dolphin

An amazing display of motion, sound and light
There’s something about the ocean that just can’t be replicated anywhere else on Earth. A stunning combination of movement and noise, the ocean is breathtaking, beautiful and peaceful all at the same time.
And one of the ocean’s most beautiful and mysterious inhabitants is the dolphin. Powerful and intelligent, majestic and agile, dolphins are the undisputed princes and princesses of the sea.
A soothing and relaxing combination of motion, sound and light comes together in a stunning and artistic dolphin display to create the Virtual Dolphin – a calming and peaceful accent to any room in your house!

A wave of moving and singing light!
The Virtual Dolphin is made up of individual lighted pieces that, when activated, move in unison and harmony to recreate the appearance of a dolphin swimming in the ocean.
At the same time that the Virtual Dolphin is in motion, it lights up in a variety of moving colors that provide a deep and wonderful source and spectrum of light. You’ll be mesmerized and amazed as it looks like an actual dolphin is swimming across your home in a cascade of movement and light!
Use the sound feature of the Virtual Dolphin to fill your room with the calming and beautiful sounds of singing and laughing dolphins. It’s a perfect way to chase out the stress and tension of the day and replace it with a tranquil combination of peaceful noise, relaxing motion and stunning light!

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