Video Studio Express – A Professional yet Simple Video Editing Software for Mac OS from Aimersoft

Video Studio Express from Aimersoft is a powerful tool that is easy to be used by both beginners as well as professional users. The Aimersoft video editor for Mac supports a great list of video formats that can be edited with it, irrespective of the size of the file. With some simple steps, you can easily produce a stylish video by adding magic transitions to scenes, effects & a background music of your choice. The edited video file can be saved to a local directory or any portable device or can be shared directly to YouTube. Thus, this software provides an appealing option for video editing enthusiasts using Mac OS as well as for beginner level editors. Various features of this software are as listed below.

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· High Import ability: This software supports a vast range of video/audio files that can be imported in this software for editing purposes. Videos supported by this software can be classified into two categories including files downloaded from the internet and videos made at home. Files can be downloaded from various sharing sites that are available in many formats like AVI, MPG, MP4, FLV, MTS, WMV, MP3, WMA, OGG and many more for video and audio files. On the other hand, home-made video files include all those files recorded by using various mobile devices or personal cameras.

· Professional Timeline: This software consists of a professional timeline to make it easy to be used for editing both audio & video of the file. There are three different rows provided for editing of audio, video and background sound. This timeline also provides a feature of removing non-required part of the video or the background noise as well as adding new personalized sound or video segment.

· Stylish Effects: This tool can be used to add various special effects to the video by altering saturation, brightness, contrast and other effect related to the movie. Some other effects can also be enhanced with this software like setting the aspect ratio to enhance the looks of the video.

· Magic Transitions: This software comes with a huge number of inbuilt transition effect templates that can be added to video files. These transitions can be added anywhere in the video, at the start, end or within a video segment with a simple drag & drop.

· Background Music: The timeline of this software consists of a separate line for modification of background music for the video file. You can remove sound from video and add any customized audio as a background sound to the video file being edited, at any point for the exact resulting effect as you desire.

· Multiple Sharing Ways: A video file edited with this software can be saved in any of your preferred format that this software supports and can be saved anywhere like in any portable device or in the local system drive. Another feature of this software provides an option for sharing the video edited directly to YouTube for a convenient long distance sharing.

Overall, Video Studio Express from Aimersoft is a powerful tool that can be easily used for editing video files in a professional manner by any professional or novice.

By Daniel Clark

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