Valuable Tips For Keeping Your Devices Safe During Vacation Season

The advent of wireless technology sees society utilizing mobile devices like never before. Even when you want to leave it all behind you and bask in the sun on a beach or go hiking in the majestic mountains, it’s a safe bet that you will have at least one mobile device on hand when you’re “getting away from it all.” The question then becomes, “How do I keep my devices safe?" Here are some tips to help protect your favorite devices, from smartphones to cameras, tablets, mp3 players, and likely for some of you soon, your Google Glasses.

Protecting your mobile devices from theft

  • Don’t leave your mobile devices — even for a few seconds. Thieves have developed new and creative ways to steal your phone, iPod, cameras, and even tablets. If you’re on the beach, don’t lay your mobile device down next to you while you’re sunning. A thief can very easily squat down and pick it up. Instead, put it under your body or even under a towel. If you have a bag, put in on the bottom and keep the bag next to your body.
  • Don’t leave your device unlocked — instead, lock it, even though this may be a pain. Ensure your whole family has passwords. If a thief does get your device, they will have a very hard time trying to get your data, or even use the device.
  • Don’t leave your mobile device unprotected — instead, Intel suggests sending a "poison pill" to remotely destroy all your data, so all you need to do is replace the device, therefore protecting your identity.
  • Don’t leave your device open to viruses — instead, ensure you have anti-virus software running on your device to protect against malware, which is gaining ground with mobile device users.
  • Don’t bring it all — instead, only bring what you need. It may be tempting to bring it all with you, but the more you have, the more you have to protect. If you only need the phone, only bring the phone.
  • Don’t leave your devices out in the open – instead, place devices in a padded backpack. If you’re hiking, protect your devices by first putting them in a bathroom amenity kit and then placing them in your backpack. This works great for your carry-on baggage, as well.
  • Don’t assume you’re alone on public WiFi networks — instead, protect you/your family by disabling file sharing, turning on your computer’s personal firewall, and never sharing personal or financial information over the internet. If you’re in a hotel in Atlantic City, find out if their wireless network uses WiFi Protected Access (WPA) before going online.

Protecting your mobile devices from natural elements

Thief protection is not the only protection you need for your mobile devices; protection from the elements is just as important. Some tips to protect your technology while hitting the pool at your hotel in Atlantic City includes:

  • Keep your devices out of the sun. Place them under a towel or in a bag, so the screen is not damaged.
  • Keep your devices out of the reach of water. If you’re sunning yourself, allow a good distance from you and the pool. Also, if you’re hiking or walking in the rain, put your mobile devices in a waterproof bag.
  • Don’t leave your devices laying in the sand. Besides getting sand on the screen and scratching it, people can walk on it and break the screen, unknowingly.
  • Don’t keep your devices out. If you’re joyriding on a roller coaster near your hotel in Atlantic City, keep your phone, IPod, or camera in a zipped-up bag or better yet, leave with a non-rider.

You can protect your mobile devices this vacation season. Utilizing these valuable tips will bring much assurance that your vacation in a hotel in Atlantic City, or any other city, doesn’t turn out to be a nightmare.

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