Use Your Smart Phone To Save Money On Pampering

Pampering yourself is now easier thanks to your smart phone and its many great money saving apps. Whether it is shopping you crave or spa treatments with your gal pals, smart phones have the apps you need to pamper yourself effectively and save money all at the same time. For a little luxury in your life while living on a budget, here’s how 3g mobile phones can be completely invaluable.

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Shop and compare prices

How many times have you wondered about whether the dress you have in your hands could have been purchased for a few pounds less than what you did? Or whether there are cheaper shopping alternatives available for the quality of goods you have? With apps like Google Shopper available on your smart phone app directories, you can now scan barcodes and process them to see if there is a deal you’re missing out. What better way to pamper yourself with the best quality products for the least possible prices?

Find out more about luxury options nearby

With smart phone apps available in your mobile phone, you can find out where there are restaurants, cafes, discotheques, sightseeing options, and spas. Moreover, if you have cloud computing systems activated, you can get updates from your favourite stores as well. Therefore, you’d have a lot of options to pamper yourself on retreats, spas, theatre options and other great activities designed to help you relax and take time just for yourself.

Get yourself a lot of coupons

If you are looking for coupons online, Yowza is an app you have to install for free initially, and thereafter available for a small fee. No matter what you want to buy, there are coupons available for you to choose from as soon as they get announced. The only cog in the wheel is that these services are available only in the US and not elsewhere in the world. You might have to wait for a while before apps like these are introduced in the UK too, but keep your eyes open as they are great for saving a pound or two, and every little helps.

Mall shopping apps are trendy too

Imagine an app that tells you where you parked your car in the car park so you’re not lost searching for it. Imagine an app that takes you around huge Department stores to the counter you are looking for in a jiffy. There are mall shopping apps that do all this and much more to make your shopping experiences wonderful. In fact, most mall apps make sure you have your favourite stores listed, create shopping lists for you so you don’t forget important purchases, and do your price comparisons for you. Life is really easy with a smart phone.

The ideal weekend getaway is now here

If you’ve slogged all week and are looking to get away from it all this weekend, there are apps that do all the math and calculation leaving you to enjoy a fun filled holiday. Pamper yourselves no end with the best resorts, camp sites, and sports games thanks to your smart phone apps taking care of all the meticulous planning, price comparison and great deals that may be on offer in your chosen destination.

Phil Turner has spent many hours researching 3g mobile phones over the past months. He can see their potential uses and is sometimes tempted to buy one.

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