USB Warmer Mouse

USB Warmer Mouse is not an ordinary mouse but can keep your hand warm especially in winter or in a chilled working place. The upper side of mouse will get heated when you switch on the heat function.

After you turn the mouse on, it warms up to a maximum of about 104 degrees Fahrenheit over several minutes, keeping your hand nice and toasty.

The built-in heater does have its own on/off switch, so in the middle of the summer you can keep it turned off.

The manufacturer claims there’s safety material between the heater and the components of the mouse, so the heater won’t damage its inner workings.

The mouse itself is no slouch: It sports an 800-dpi optical sensor, glowing blue scroll wheel, and padded feet for smooth use.

THe price for this unusual gadget is $17 on USBGeek.

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