USB Snowman

USB Snowman

Forget freezing in the cold, shaping the snow into your own Michelangelo or standing behind the tree line dodging the never-ending barrage of snowballs from the troublesome kids next door. Snowmen take some serious hard work to build and leave most of us close to frostbite.At long last there’s a solution to this dilemma. You can now bring frosty the snowman indoors without melting or leaving lumps of snow all over the carpet. Thanks to the wonders of USB Your own miniature snowman plugs into anything that has a USB port. Once plugged in it cycles through a festive array of colours emanating a warm glow that helps relax even the most frozen parents and kids alike. Enjoy the festive season in the comfort of your own, warm sitting room. Just don’t forget the mince pies for Santa.

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