USB SIM Card Editor

USB SIM Card Editor

USB SIM Card Editor

It’s not every day that a gadget appears on the market that really does make your life a lot easier. This SIM card editor does everything you need to keep your personal information bang up to date. Just plug it into any PC USB port and away you go. Edit stuff back up valuable data create or restore mobile phone entries and text messages – speedily and without fuss. Phone book entries and text messages can be quickly transferred between any number of phones or computers. (Simply type your text messages on your PC’s keyboard). It’s great for migrating data to the SIM card of a new phone too. And because it can be used with any SIM card in the world it’s great for both business and family use.

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  1. I have one of these sim card back up editor things and have to say they are very useful!

  2. Sim Only Contract Deals

    These are very handy. I once lost my phone and it wasn’t the actual phone I was worried about it was all the numbers that I lost. Having these backed up would make life easier. Also very good to transfer phone numbers from one sim card to the other.

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