USB Rat Race

USB Rat Race

Whether we like it or not we’re all in the rat race (unless of course you’ve managed to step off the conveyor, in which case you won’t have a computer, so er… you won’t be reading this, so… why am I talking to you? Probably because I’m in the rat race and I’ll talk to anyone that’s listening. Except of course you’re not. How very Kafka.) Where in the heck were we? Oh yes, in the Rat Race. But how are we all doing? Well, to find out simply plug the USB Rat Race into a USB port, and as you type he pedals away. The faster you type, the faster he pedals. Not only does this rampant rodent do all your exercise for you, but he also keeps count of how many words you’ve typed, and displays them on a little LCD screen. A crazy and somewhat manic distraction for keyboard hounds, and of course, utterly stupid.

You can have this for £19.99

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