USB Air Refresher

USB Air Refresher

Create a pure, uncontaminated environment for yourself with this environmentally friendly USB Air Refresher.

Think about it… we urbanites are surrounded by polluted air every day. Walking to the bus, on the tube or train, walking through the city, in the office, in the car. Wherever you may be during your day, you can guarantee you’ll be breathing in that nasty polluted smoggy air.

Did you know that adults breathe over 3,000 gallons of air every day? Thus making us very susceptible to air pollution! Well now’s your chance to breathe a breath of fresh air (literally).

The USB Air Refresher is designed to refresh your environment by purifying the air; getting rid of the allergens, pollutants and odours. Plug it into your pc or laptop via the USB port to get fresh air all day long. It can even be used in your car, simply stick it to the dash board using the sticky pad that’s on its base.

Wherever you decide to take it you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that the air you are breathing is as fresh as a daisy!

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  1. if there is any specific advantage to using the “USB” air freshener over others or it is just a gimmick?

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