unusual gadget – Tape Recorder Blocker

Tape Recorder Blocker is the unusual gadget of this week.

Are you afraid that someone is spying you?

Now you have an anti spy gadget. The Tape Recorder Blocker.

The Tape Recorder Blocker is specifically designed to block digital or tape recorders, and all microphones associated with transmitters/bugging devices by emitting a sub-audible tone which cannot be detected by the human ear but will drown out any recordings when played back.

The unit has a built-in clock and can be used as a desk-top item by simply placing a telephone on top of it. It also comes with a smart document holder so that it can be carried around and used portably via the in-built re-chargeable batteries which will give 2.5 hours of uninterrupted use.

The Tape Recorder Blocker has a remote control to activate or de-activate this unusual gadget.

The price for the Tape Recorder Blocker is $2,232.50.

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  1. Hello,Love the idea of this product(Tape Recorder Blocker ),and am looking for more detailed information on it,could you please tell me who the manufacturer is so i can contact and ask them?
    Thank you in advance

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