Unleash Your Creativity With a 3D Pen

I had the chance to test there 3D pens which are cool the 3Dsimo Basic, the 3Dsimo Mini 2 and the 3Dsimo KIT.  You can see them at https://3dsimo.com.

There are so many great things which can me made with a 3D pen. You are limited only by your imagination. The 3D pens can be use to draw, burn, decorate and create.

I am not a talented artist. It was fun to play with the pens but I don’t have any spectacular creations to brag with. But I went online and below you can see what is possible to create with a 3D pen and lots of talent & patience.

The Carousel Pony Copper Wire Beaded Sculpture looks amazing and it is currently being sold for EUR 2,182.38 on etsy.

I found this on Pintrest.

At enandplastic.com you can find all sorts of interesting 3D things like the handbag posted below.

And on pinterest you can get tons of ideas just search for “3d pen ideas”. I really like this bird and you will find many more on pinterest.

Now back to the 3D pens.

3Dsimo Basic


The 3DSimo Basic is a wireless 3D pen which offer a good battery life – you can draw for up to 3 hours (after that you can just replace the battery and continue).  In the pack there  is included a small book with 24 projects for all age categories and even if you are a total beginner you can still create something.

3Dsimo Mini 2

The 3Dsimo Mini 2 is a multi tool made for:

  • 3D drawing – create three-dimensional models, jewellery, decorations, drawings, accessories and more
  • burning – decorate a wooden plank, wooden spoon or rolling pin
  • soldering – you can repair a torn USB cable, damaged headphones and other electronics because the tip heats in 10 seconds up to 480°C
  • and foam cutting – create large buildings or a functional RC model (of cars, planes, ships). You can create from plastic, plexiglass, polystyrene, soft foam or EPP.

This tool is compact, easy to use and offers a lot of possibilities.

It comes with a helpful app (Android and IOS versions are available) which allows you to set up your own material profile, watch instructional videos or print out the templates.

3Dsimo KIT

The 3Dsimo KIT 3D pen that you can modify according to your wishes. This is for advanced users and it comes with an open source building kit based on Arduino Nano.

It works with many materials, you are not just limited to PLA or ABS.

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