Unique silver mobile phones

The site Silver mobile phones sells unique silver mobile phones.

The first unique phone they created is Nokia 7260 Silver.



Jewelers used precious metals for their masterpieces. These materials do not change as millenniums pass by.

This precious mobile phone with sterling silver cover has Swarovski mounted on the joystick and zirconia around the camera on the back case of the mobile.

The price for this unique gadget is 700 euro.

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  1. This gadget looks cool. But for me i still prefer black. Because it can go with anything. Plus it is dirt proof unlike silvers which are prone to scratches.

  2. Mobile Phone Lover

    thats a pretty awesome phone – probably a lot better than my piece of crap Nokia 6300. The things battery dies every 2 hours

  3. It seem s to be mobike phone for ponce:)

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