Collectable art toys have collided with a secret online universe in the shape of UBFunkeys – cute little USB-friendly creatures that can be connected to your computer in order to unlock the world of Funkeytown. Virtual genius!


Are you into extremely cool, collectable figures with a designer edge? Do you own a computer? If the answer is ’yes’ and ’yes’ (and it should be because you’re gawping at this page) you need to get with the UBFunkeys.

Yes, we know they look like highly collectable designer art toys – and they are. But these cute little vinyl creatures are not only collectable, they’re connectable. And by that we mean they can be connected to a computer where they can explore Funkeytown, the virtual world where UBFunkeys live and play.

The idea is to get started with the UBFunkey Starter Set. As well as two regular UBFunkeys this contains a large USB-friendly UBFunkey that acts as your hub to Funkeytown. Each time you connect a new UBFunkey to the UBFunkey Hub you unlock a new zone containing new games and puzzles. The more UBFunkeys you collect the more zones you can explore. And the rarer the UBFunkey, the more crucial the zone it unlocks.

But that’s just the tip of the virtual iceberg because Funkeytown is in a right old mess and it needs your help. A disaster has caused the town’s portal system to malfunction. And to make matters worse, the villainous Master Lox has locked several portals and sent his evil henchmen out to rob the UBFunkeys. By completing various missions, avoiding the Henchmen and collecting crystals you can help defeat the resident evil-doer and restore order to Funkeytown.

If you’re worried that Funkeytown sounds a little manic, worry not. Along the way you can earn coins to buy items for your ’crib’ and show it off online to fellow UBFunkey fans. And the items you ’win’ are themed to match your UBFunkey. So if you have a skeleton-themed UBFunkey, you might get a bone chair as a reward.

There are various UBFunkey Tribes available. Each Tribe has 3 different types of UBFunkey ranging from ’common’ to ’rare’ to ’very rare’. You can select which Tribe to buy but you never know which type of UBFunkey you are going to get – and that’s what makes collecting them such fun.

Normal UBFunkeys:




Rare UBFunkeys:




Very Rare UBFunkeys:



If all this sounds madder than a bunch of interactive creatures from Funkeytown, it is. It’s also one of the most immersive universes we’ve ever dipped into, as there are all kinds of villains, heroes, gems, ghosts, strange lands and secret portals to discover. But the only way into Funkeytown is via a few UBFunkeys.

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