UBFunkeys – Starter Kit


UBFunkeys are a set of 24 highly collectible (and highly addictive) characters that build into a complete population, with three members of 8 tribes to buy. And, although it would be fine and dandy if that was all to report, there’s so much more besides. For, on connecting a UBFunkey to its hub, and the hub to your PC, each UBFunkey opens-up a whole immersive universe to discover and explore. But Funkeytown needs your assistance if it’s to avoid a descent into chaos. Your task is to re-establish order and decency by completing tasks, avoiding nastiest and collecting crystals right across the virtual town.

But here’s the trick. The more you collect, the more you can explore, particularly if you’ve got one of the rarer UBFunkeys out there, which grant you access to some rather fine and exclusive content by unlocking important new zones. Truly spiffing. And, dare I say it, truly funky.


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