Twitter University – A New Initiative from Twitter to Help their Engineers Flourish Their Skills

After successfully making its mark on the social networking services, Twitter is all set to explore a new horizon of its services with the Twitter University. During all the years of its presence in the virtual world, Twitter has grown to a great extent, similarly the engineering section of the company has grown along with it. Twitter has announced that it will soon launch its own university to provide a world-class training to its engineers to help them enhance their level in the skills that they have gained mastery in.

Existing Efforts from the Base of University

The idea of forming a university hasn’t arrived from nowhere. Rather it has flourished from various efforts that are already being made at the campus of Twitter. Currently the employees of Twitter are being offered with a high-level technical training covering various courses starting from basic orientation classes that are meant for fresh engineers. Other high level courses include iOS Bootcamp, Fundamentals of JVM, Scala School, Distributed Systems and many others for enthusiast engineers willing to learn latest technology advancements and enhance their skills to the next level. A maximum number of classes organized within the Twitter campus for their engineers have been taken by their team members or other skilled employees. These classes have been organized during the period of Hack Week every quarter, where Hack Week is observed as a testament to the passion of engineers working at Twitter for their passion towards learning and education.

Acquisition of Markana

Markana is a company that is dedicated to provide open source training and this company has been acquired by Twitter as a step further in the development of the new university. Chris Fry revealed that Twitter officials and employees from Markana have been working together for several months and the Twitter officials have been impressed by the entrepreneurial leadership skills of the founders of Markana, Sasa Gargenta and Marko. Other features of these founders that impressed Twitter’s Chris Fry and others include their technical expertise and a commitment towards learning new technologies and other related information available.

The team of Markana in the Bay Area has developed a marvelous community of engineers and Twitter is now looking forward to plan all the engagements via meet-ups and various technical events. Another point stated by Twitter official is that they will continue their contribution to the open source software and will plan to release few content of the Twitter online to be accessed by anyone who is willing to learn.

Words from Senior VP, Engineering, Twitter

Chris Fry, Senior Vice President of Engineering Section of the Twitter stated that he had been very much inspired by the efforts made by the engineers of Twitter to learn the latest advancements in technical skills. He also added that the ability to continuously learn while being on the job and work towards developing a mastery or expertise in a particular technology is the basic factor that accounts for the success of the technology industry and a long-term positive attitude and environment of a company. He considers the foundation of Twitter University to be an important step for the betterment of the Engineering Section of the Twitter organization.

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