Turning Your House Into A Fortress: Top Security Gadgets For Home Owners

Deter would-be thieves or home accidents with tools that can save big money in the long run.

In today’s technologically advanced world, there are many potential threats to your home security. Some you may have thought of already, with burglary being the most obvious. But others, like virtual hacking or non-disaster related flooding, might not be on your radar. Luckily technology can work in our favor, too. With items like cameras, sensors, and other smart technologies, you can fortify your home and gain a peace of mind when it comes to your family’s safety.

Security Consultant Fitting Burglar Alarm Sensor In Room

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Smart Locks

When it comes to front door security, keys are a thing of the past. Instead of fumbling around in your purse or worrying about leaving a spare key under the mat for your kids, install a system that relies on biometrics to grant entry. Some models even have an alarm, should an unauthorized person attempt to enter your home. By simply swiping your finger on the smart lock, the door will open. You can also invest in numeric pad locks if you choose not to go the biometric route.

Wireless Routers

Your wireless router, left unprotected, is vulnerable to malicious parties that want to gain access to your network. This in turn leaves your personal devices and all of the information on them at risk. One of the most important components of Wi-Fi network security is the password. So when you come up with your Wi-Fi password, be sure to make it something complicated and avoid easy-to-remember combinations like birthdays, middle names, and so forth. If you’d like more information on how to protect your Wi-Fi from unwanted intruders, have a look at this article that covers everything from SSIDs to WPA2s.

Surveillance Cameras

Security Consultant Fitting Security Camera To House Wall

One of the more classic elements of home security, the surveillance camera, has come a long way since its domestic inception nearly 50 years ago. What began as a continuous video stream has since evolved into incorporate smart motion sensing (capable of ignoring innocuous things like swaying tree branches), smartphone connectivity, and even smart house features like air quality checks and home climate stats.

Entryway Sensors

These differ from standard motion sensors in that their main function is to alert you when a window or door in your home has been opened. This alert can take the form of a traditional blaring alarm or be sent to your smartphone, depending on what system you use. However it needn’t be connected to just doors and windows. Any items you connect it to, such as personal valuables, can send an alert if they’ve been moved. This technology is especially great for homes with small children that are just beginning to learn how to open doors and windows. Further, this consumer demographic may also be keen to install a sensor specifically for swimming pools too, as it can alert you if, for example, your young child has fallen in.

Neighborhood Watch

Take your collective security efforts to the next level by improving the timeliness of your communications. Apps like Local Alarm System are capable of alerting your neighbors to the location of a crime or emergency. Neighbors can also respond to you via the app. Another way to increase communications for your neighborhood watch is to create a (private) Facebook group to share updates and alerts. Though it is important to be mindful of the order of operations foremost. When faced with a crime or emergency, first dial 911 before reaching out to your neighbors.

And if peace of mind isn’t enough incentive to upgrade your security measures today, you may even find that your home insurance costs go down as you install new features. Check your home insurance policy to find out if such benefits apply to you, and if so, which security companies have deals with your insurance company.

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