Trace Me Luggage Tracker

If you travel a lot you probably need a reliable luggage tracker. The Trace Me Luggage Tracker is a quicker and more secure way to keep track of your luggage.

Trace Me Luggage Tracker

How Trace Me Luggage Tracker works?

You will have to register the tracker’s barcode and enter your contact details online and to attach the tracker to your luggage.

The airline or baggage handler will scan the Trace Me Luggage Tracker barcode and contact you immediately via email or SMS using the details you’ve registered online.

Trace Me Luggage Tracker features

  • Protects your luggage for life
  • Checkable by airports, airlines and lost property agencies
  • All your details kept safe and secure
  • No annual subscriptions or renewal fees

Pricing and availability

The Trace Me Luggage Tracker price tag is ÂŁ12.95 and you can get it from

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  1. Oh if only this was around two years ago when my luggage was lost when traveling overseas! Maybe they can make a version to attach onto the leg of a wandering two-year old!!! 🙂

  2. Looks like Trace me luggage tracker is a very interesting gadget. I also like the price which is affordable. I may just consider this while traveling to secure my belongings.

  3. Nice share. This is very useful for flight traveller. Thanks a lot for this information, love to see more from you. Thanks Daniel.

  4. I travel a lot that’s why I want to have “Trace Me Luggage Tracker” to protect my luggage. This is very useful. Thanks!

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