TOTALLEE Thin Leather iPhone 7 Plus Case Review

The TOTALLEE thin leather iPhone 7 Plus case is a ultra thin case. In fact it is one of the thinnest phone’s cases I ever seen.

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It is cut to fit the phone perfectly and allow the user easy access to all the ports and phone’s functions as a it should.

I like the fact that it is not slippery and I can hold it firmly in my hand.

The case provides easy access to the charging and headset ports and near the phone’s speakers it is cut to allow the sound to pass thru.

Form a design perspective this case is minimalist. It is a simple, thin case which doesn’t attracts attention and it allows the phone’s beauty to be on the first place.

On the sides I have easy access to the buttons from which I control the volume and power Off/On.

Overall it is a nice case for the iPhone 7 Plus.It feels pleasant on the touch, it allows access to all ports and features and it has a minimalist deign which will show off the beauty of the phone.

Pricing and availability

The TOTALLEE thin leather iPhone 7 Plus case is a ultra thin case costs $29 and you can get one from or from Amazon UK at £16.99.

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