Toshiba Mini NB205-N230 with 9 Hours of Battery Life

Toshiba has a new netbook star: the Toshiba Mini NB205-N230 (NB200 series), 10.1-Inch Black Onyx Netbook with 9 Hours of Battery Life and Windows 7 Starter.

Toshiba Mini NB205-N230 with 9 Hours of Battery Life

There are 3 very important features that matters for a netbook: speed, portability (size and weight) and battery life. The Toshiba Mini NB205-N230 does a good job. It offers: good computer power (1.66GHz Processor and 1 GB of RAMM),  great portability because this netbook is compact and weights just 2.93 pounds and the battery life is good also – up to 9 hours.

Toshiba Mini NB205-N230 features:

  • 1.66GHz Intel N280 Atom Processor
  • 1GB DDR2 533MHz Memory
  • 250GB 5400RPM SATA Hard Drive, Integrated Wi-Fi
  • 10.1" LED Backlit Display, 1024×600 native resolution (WSVGA)
  • Microsoft Windows 7 Starter (32 bit)
  • 9 Hours of Battery Life

Pricing and availability info

Toshiba Mini NB205-N230 cost $334.66 and it is available at

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  1. Toshiba mini notebooks are extra light, budget-friendly & super easy to carry as very small enough to throw in a purse or bag.Its a perfect PC for on the go fun and great convenience.

  2. That’s really a good news to us,how many cells in the battery?

  3. which one is much better? I usually go for Dell laptops everytime I buy a new one.. Do you think Toshiba can perform well like Dell?

  4. So Strong Battery life ever seen on any laptop. Its really impressive News. Thanks for sharing. Nice Post.

  5. Packing Supplies | Packaging Supplier

    Nice post, recently I have received this computer. It linked to the internet easily and seems to be working well. I expect the battery to last for 5, 7 and 8 hours, which is very excellent.

    Best Regards,

  6. These Toshiba notebooks look really cool. And the specification and battery life seem good as well!

  7. company design logo

    Great battery life. I was really impressed, i get about 8 hours of usage time and days of standby time. The windows 7 starter is also pretty good. Not noticing many differences compared to my desktop Windows 7. Love 3 USB ports!!!. This is by the far the best netbook for its price

  8. Web Design Services

    Wow! Timely help and informative post. I have planned to buy a netbook and i am confused which one i should buy. You gave me a solution. I think i can buy Toshiba.Thanks for sharing. I will visit regularly to this blog to know about the latest technology news…

  9. The Netbook I love! The OS is cheap…We Will upgrade from the Windows 7 Starter Edition, Should have been at least a higher addition! Still a great net book!
    Rating: 4 / 5

  10. Wow that is awesome battery power. I have a DELL that last barely 3. This would be cool for travel and long layovers at the airport.

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