Toshiba Camileo S10 Camcorder


Toshiba Camileo S10 Camcorder is a light weight device that gives a rich look to the one possessing it. This model is elegant in appearance and is only 17.9mm thick. This sleek model fits in any place and is compact in size. This pretty model has dimensions 57×100×17.9mm and has 87gm as its total weight. If you are interested in photography and an ardent lover of nature and want to relish your memories, then Toshiba camcorder will definitely be the ultimate choice for you. This device has got brilliant features that capture 1080 HD at a rate of 30fps. Apart from this, still shots can be shot at 5 mega pixels. Toshiba offers a 4X optical zooming that enhances the quality of the picture and delivers original effect even after zooming. It is further enhanced by 2X magnification in 1080 code. It has a 2.5inch size LCD screen that displays sharp images.

This awesome piece of Toshiba Camileo S10 camcorder supports an internal memory of 128MB and the SD/SDHC type memory cards are used to record and store footages. This type memory card will give you utmost 60 minutes of recording and a high quality picture. If you are a person who is interested in sharing your pleasure moments with friends and sharing your happiness, then Toshiba is an ideal choice for you. With Toshiba in hand, it is possible for you to upload your videos in you tube and this can be done by using the software called Arcsoft.

Though there are a lot of merits in using Toshiba Camileo, there are also some pitfalls that ought to be mentioned. This model fails to have good controls and thus disappoints people. Moreover, the camcorder does not support firm holding and it makes it difficult for the users to feel convenient. The performance of the set in night mode is not appreciable as it fails to give crisp images in low light. On comparison with the other camcorders in the commercial scale, this Toshiba stands as the moderately better camcorder that well suits a meager budget with high HD quality.

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    I am looking for a camcorder to take skiing, the question I really need to know the answer to is what the battery life is like in cold conditions.

  2. It looks pretty cool but with many of the cameras and phones able to take video these days I wonder if people really need to buy a dedicated camcorder if they are just making home video.

  3. 1080 HD at a rate of 30fps and 5 mega pixels? I think that’s awesome. I like its appearance. Totally handy. Thank you for sharing this. Nice!

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    Nice and impressive that camcorder looks just great. Sooner or later I will purchase this.

  5. This camcorder looks good. I will Google it to see the price. Thanks!

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