Top Technology Gifts for Christmas

With the festive season upon us once again, you might be stuck for the perfect presents. Forget the socks, ties and bottles of perfume; here is a selection of the top technology gifts for Christmas that certainly won’t be shoved to the back of the cupboard.
Before revolutionising entertainment and technology with the iPod, the iPhone and the iPad, Apple had reinvented the desktop with the iMac in 1998. The all-in-one Apple computer was first designed with a round shape and in rainbow colours, before the latest innovation with its ultra-thin design, magnificent LCD anti-reflective widescreen and high performance technology. Don’t forget the all-important accessories, including headsets and headphones, USB hubs, and blank media such as DVD. The iMac is a perfect gift that certainly won’t be remiss this Christmas.


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Razer has become the preferred brand of computer gamers, with products designed on three essential principles: ergonomics, technology and validation from the most skilled and demanding professional gamers. Scientifically developed and engineered with expertise, the cutting-edge products most in demand are the Razer Blade Pro gaming laptops, the Blackwidow Ultimate 2013 Elite Mechanical Keyboard, the Deathadder 2013 Ergonomic Gaming Mouse and the Sabertooth Elite Gaming Controller. Whether it’s a gift for a casual gamer, or a gamer dedicated to only the best equipment, you can impress them and indulge their passion. Happy Yule!

Good cooks who know their way around the kitchen can be very hard to find gifts for, as it is nigh on impossible to find a gadget they don’t already possess. Surprise and delight them with unusual kitchen gadgets that they can make good use of. Bodum Bistro Electric Burr Coffee Grinder, great for that Christmas morning brew, Taylor Digital Measuring Cup and Scale for all-in-one convenience and the The Smoking Gun, a hand held food smoker that will infuse your food with the rich flavour of woodsmoke. These are great Christmas gifts for the accomplished cooks in your life.

Not forgetting the younger member of the family, tech-toys that are the must have for kids this year include the Nurf N-Strike Elite, a a fully automatic flywheel blaster toy gun that fires long range darts that ‘scream’ as they fly. Most certainly a toy that will no doubt enthral the kids for hours, the Robo Fish Bowl, an aquarium play set that comes in eight different designs, and houses robotic fish toys which are activated by water, and swim realistically when they are submerged. One of the most sought toys of the year is the Flying Fairy, by Flutterbye, a beautiful, magical fairy that really flies. Very easy for small children to control, they fairy comes with a display stand that charges and launches the fairy.

With such a great range of hi-tech gifts to choose from you certainly won’t struggle to find something appealing for young and old alike. Unusual gifts will stimulate the most interest, and will always be highly appreciated. Just remember that ultimately the holiday season is there to be enjoyed.

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