Top Tech-Ware in Your Kitchen for 2013

New forms of kitchen technology are being developed every year. Some items are improvements over previous gadgets, while others are completely new for most home cooks. Check out a few top kitchen tech gadgets have appeared this year that will make cooking at home easier, healthier and more enjoyable.

Top Techware in Your Kitchen for 2013

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Digital Nutrition Scale

The new digital nutrition scale goes beyond simply weighing food for a diet. The scale includes a massive digital library containing nutritional information for thousands of different items. The library mostly includes produce, bulk goods, and even some fast foods that do not normally come with nutritional labeling. The scale can report the amount of fiber, protein, fat and calories in all recognized foods. This makes meal planning and cooking dishes that conform to a diet much easier. The scale is available at many stores and websites that sell housewares.

Sous Vide Supreme

Sous vide is a method of cooking that has been used in fine restaurants for years. It involves wrapping foods in airtight bags and submerging them in water that is kept at one specific temperature. This cooking method has been unavailable to average home cooks, but the home sous vide cooker changes this. The main advantage of a sous vide cooker is that meats and vegetables cannot burn because the heat is controlled. It also locks in flavors and natural juices. The compact counter-top cooker is available online.

Soup Maker

A soup maker is a new type of appliance that combines features from the best blenders and food processors, with compact cooking technology. The device looks like a typical food processor, yet cooks can place ingredients into the pitcher where they are sauteed and add stock or another liquid. The ingredients are pureed and then cooked all in the same pitcher. It makes creating soups at home, very simple. Ingredients are all handled in just one container. The soup maker is available online and at high-end retailers.

Acti-Fry, Low-Fat, Multi-Cooker

This is a counter-top device that produces crispy food with a deep-fried taste. It only requires one to two tablespoons of oil to do this. The device uses a spinning paddle to keep the food constantly moving inside of the non-stick chamber. The result is an even distribution of heat that allows for crisping and cooking of food without a large amount of fat or oil. The food also cooks more quickly, while the appliance creates healthy dishes fast that have a pleasing texture. The cooker is available through department stores, online and in kitchenware shops.

Kitchen gadgets can give home cooks many new options. They can change the type of cuisine served in the home. Some gadgets can even teach new cooking skills that enhance the flavor of the foods served for dinner.

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