Top Tech Jobs in the UK in 2017

Jobs in the tech industry are increasing at an incredible speed and amount, and it is an important sector to get into for those looking to begin their career. Thanks to the expanding field and growth, the industry and many of its branches are continuously being invested in. The future for the tech industry looks bright and positive, especially due to its now inevitable presence in every person’s day-to-day life. And thanks to its mobility, the industry creates tech jobs all over the country. UK cities such as Manchester, Edinburgh, Bristol and Glasgow have been named some of the best UK cities for tech jobs (surpassing London). Companies in these cities are looking for tech experts ready to work, advertising endless jobs in Edinburgh, and the other cities mentioned, online on sites like Jobrapido. But what exactly are the best tech jobs available now in 2017? This article will show you just some of the options.

IT Security

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Definitely one of the fields with the most future growth, IT Security means being able to protect a company’s online presence. After so many online hackings and threats that have been in the news during the past year alone, a person trained and skilled in online security is now an absolutely vital component of all successful businesses with an online presence.  Demand for these roles is very high meaning this is a field that those looking to start a career in tech should really consider.

Project Management

With technology encompassing a great number of gadgets and businesses (both private and public), a project manager oversees a project within a company from beginning to ensuring everything goes smoothly. More and more frequently these projects require a high level of tech knowledge, as companies are keen to keep up with competitors.

Web Developers

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Very popular and in demand, web developers are one of the most sought after for positions when it comes to the tech industry. With the job presenting a focus on developing aspects of the World Wide Web, and HTTP, this position is ideal for those looking for the perfect tech position. Of course, training and education is required, as with all of these positions so it seems more important than ever that young people are encouraged to pursue a career in tech.

Data Scientists

A position that revolves around analysing and understanding the famous “Big Data”, these scientists have a lot of openings and work ahead of them. Thanks to the data collected, and the importance given to the numbers, having people that can analyse and explain what one is looking at is an excellent resource to have in the office. For those looking to enter into a flourishing tech field they need look no further than becoming a data scientist.

Software Engineer

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Being able to work on or create new software means that one can work on the highest to the lowest form of software service. Therefore, that means that knowing how to fix, upgrade, and program should be at the top of one’s CV when applying. Also keep in mind that thanks to the versatility of this role, the engineer can be called to work on any type of software!

With so many options and paths that surround the tech industry, there is a place for everybody. Technology plays a part in every aspect of job hunting these days, with online job searches, video CVs, social networking, Skype interviews etc… it’s important to keep up to date with the latest technology used in even the most simple of businesses, whether you want to work in a technical role or not.

By Emily Jones

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