Top Scariest Games for Mobile

It is not a wonder why many groups of avid gamers choose to play scary games over the others that belong to a different genre. The element of grotesque and surprise makes these scary games a cut above the rest. It’s the game of the bravest and the fearless, so to speak. Only hardcore gamers can withstand the sight, the blood, all the gory details associated to horror games.

If you want to know what the top 5 scariest games are, they are:

1. Resident Evil The Missions

resident evile

Created by Capcom, Resident Evil has become one of the most popular zombie game franchises ever released. And it is great news that this game has found its way towards mobile devices to the delight of horror game fans. Enjoy the same dose of Resident Evil in your mobile phone or tablet and see if you have the power to eliminate all the undead with nothing but two bullets in your gun.

2. Eyes: The Horror Game


This one an Android-based zombie game played in the first-person mode. The player’s mission is to break into a haunted house and steal all the money he can find. Of course, he also has to exit the place with his loot safely too. However, things can get a little grisly once the undead in the abandoned house starts to come alive. You might have all the money, but can you escape with your life? This game is fairly different from all the survival modes that are typical in this genre. Many players will find the change rather refreshing and the challenge quite new.

3. Soul


The popular horror game for the Xbox is now ported into the mobile devices. So don’t be left behind and try to guide the soul of a dead man into the different mazes in this game. The soul has to reach heaven and not hell. There will be monsters and creepers trying to take away your focus. But do your best not to mind them and just finish mission.

4. Silent Hill


Silent Hill is another popular game franchise created by Namco. It is an easy favorite, especially with major gaming consoles like the Xbox and PlayStation. Now, players can enjoy the same exciting yet terrifying game on their mobile devices. This game needs no introduction at all. Like Resident Evil, Silent Hill is a very successful franchise that successfully mixes adventure, action, and horror into every detail of the game. Discover the eerie secrets and free the lost souls. That is the only way you play this game.

5. Mystique Series


In this escape game, players are required to find different objects in order to complete a mission and get out of a scary structure like an abandoned hostel or a dilapidated hospital. Do note that every important item has to be recovered. Otherwise, the game won’t continue. But while you are busy sleuthing, hordes of terrifying creatures will literally jump at you. Sitting at the edge of your seat is not a metaphor in this game. It is how you will actually play it.

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  1. Really nice collection of games. I found already few of them and they’re so cool. Really scary! Silent hills is the creepiest. is ok website too, but those games are online mostly.

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