Top prank gadgets for April fool’s day

I have visited my favorite prank shop and made a list with top  prank gadgets for April fool’s day:

#1. Toilet Monster

Toilet Monster

The toilet monster is great to scare your friends!

He attaches to the inside of the toilet bowl by suction cups. As the unsuspecting person goes to use the bathroom, they’ll scream as they lift the lid and are greeted by the Toilet Monster.

#2. Drinking helmet – the beer lovers hard hat

drinking helmet - the beer lovers hard hat

This can be offered as an April fool gift to your friends.

The beer helmet is the ultimate party hat. You can drink two beverages at once! It’s great for a day at the beach, a house party, or simply watching the game on television.

Comes in red, blue, yellow, or green.

#3. Disgusting sounds pen

disgusting sounds pen

Hehehe… You will make super pranks with this one!

You and your classmates are working on a writing assignment and the entire classroom is quiet. All of the sudden, a slew of disgusting sounds is released into the air!

Who’s doing that!? Where is it coming from!? No one will realize that all those disgusting vomiting, burping, snorting, and farting noises are all coming from your pen.

#4. Breaking glass sound maker

breaking glass sound maker

This prank is a classic! Drop this noise maker on the ground & Grandma will gasp as she thinks you have smashed her prized china collection.

Sounds like real breaking glass.

#5. Binoculars – double flask

binoculars - double flask

Take your favorite beverage wherever you go! Each eyepiece unscrews and the binoculars hold a total of 16 oz. of your favorite beverage. Comes equipped with funnel and binocular strap.

Perfect gift for the golf course, baseball games, football stadiums, other sporting events, or anywhere where you may need a little secret pick me up.

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  1. :)) that`s funny indeed ! maybe next year >:)

  2. I probably shouldn’t laugh but the toilet monster has tickled me no end! 😀

    Oh, so tempted!

  3. I think the toilet monster is great, will definately have to get one of those.

  4. The toilet monster and breaking glass pranks are classic! Wow, I really want to get my hands on one of those babies. I will be the ultimate prankster!

  5. Interesting!!! It is really perfect idea for April fool day however I’ve done the desktop screenshot thing to so many people, all throughout the year.

    Best Regards,

  6. hehehe i love that toilet monster. Its quite old but it always works, my house mate used it first time with me and i was really scared of it. i do suggest it for every one to use it.

  7. I can see why the toilet monster is such a hit! I would be careful about using it if there are young children in the household – might be a bit too scary.

  8. The range of products seem very rich, have everything, so there is a greater choice, I likeit

  9. This will be very useful for many users during the upcoming April Fool’s day. Thanks for posting!

  10. I liked the breaking glass and the disgusting sounds pen. If I have the money then I’ll go for the toilet monster. I think toilet monster is the most expensive here in your post.

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