Top gadgets for your kitchen

Technology has transformed the look and feel of kitchens. In the past, cooking could be a test of physical endurance as much as a chance to showcase culinary skills. Now, it seems there’s a gadget for everything, whether you’re slicing spuds, blending beetroot or squeezing citrus fruits.

If you’re on the lookout for new items for your kitchen, it’s worth considering these handy gadgets.

Countertop mixer

Of course, you want your kitchen to be practical, but appearances matter too. With this in mind, you might have opted for stylish solid wood worktops like the ones offered by Worktop Express®. There’s no better way to complete the look of your countertops than by adding a retro mixer.

These products have real style and they are also seriously versatile. With the relevant attachments, they can help you mix cakes, work bread dough, whip up meringues and much more.

Hand mixer

If you don’t have space for one of these items or your budget won’t stretch to it, hand blenders are a great alternative. It’s now possible to get impressive versions offering a range of speeds. These products are ideal for bijou kitchens because they quickly and easily pack away into drawers or cupboards.

Digital scales

Traditional scales might have a certain nostalgic appeal, but the fact is, it can be tricky to get accurate readings with them. If you’re serious about baking, it may be time to invest in some digital scales. They are far more accurate than their predecessors, especially if you’re dealing with small amounts.

Don’t worry if space is an issue either. It’s possible to buy collapsible versions that can be kept in drawers.

Metal spoon rests

When you’re busy preparing meals, you might find you often place ladles or spoons down on your worktops. As well as being messy, this can be unhygienic. To stop this from happening, you can purchase special metal spoon rests. These attractive items hold spoons or ladles of most sizes and they take up hardly any space.

Silicone spatula

Once you’ve experienced the joys of a silicone spatula, you’ll never look back. These handy utensils are heat resistance and, most importantly, non-stick. This makes scraping out mixing bowls, smoothing down cakes or icing and other such tasks so much easier.

Citrus juicer

You may find that when you try and juice lemons or limes, you end up with more of the liquid in your eyes and on your clothes than in your bowl. Luckily, help is at hand. It’s now possible to purchase special juicers that make this potentially messy task quick and simple. They also collect any pith, pulp and pips in their in-built strainers.

Garlic crusher

Garlic crushers may be nothing new, but the latest generation of these gadgets is a world away from the rusty old things that lie languishing in many kitchen drawers. The crème de la crème of crushers now enable you to squash multiple cloves of unpeeled garlic at once, and with total ease. Some even come with special in-built brushes to make cleaning them less of a hassle.

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