Top electronic gadgets for 2012

Technology is moving so quickly it’s hard to keep pace. Every few months, new gadgets are launched onto the market aimed at making life faster and easier. However, it is usually in the first few months of the year we see the biggest ‘reveals’. Technology companies want to be the first of the year to launch their newest and best products and one of the biggest international tech events of the year is CES. This year it’s run from 10-13 January in Las Vegas. All kinds of products will be launched this year at CES and other tech fairs, and here are some of our recent favourites.

Cool cable storage

Technology is supposed to make our lives easier, cleaner and low maintenance, but sometimes it can have the opposite effect. Technology requires power and power is obtained from your home’s electricity system and transported along cable wire. Dozens of cable wires lying around looks unsightly and rather low-tech if we’re honest. However, you can whip all these cable wires into submission with the use of cable ties, boxes, clips and wrapping. RS Components has a range of cable wire storage solutions such as spiral wrapping which allows you to keep all you cables together.

Multi-view compact cameras

Samsung has been leading the way on compact cameras in recent years and its new addition is definitely going to be paving the way for others to follow. The MV800 multi-view compact camera boasts a flip-up screen which can be angled up to 180° so you can capture images from awkward angles. Additionally it has 16.1 megapixels, 5x optical zoom and a 26mm wide-angle lens complete with ‘stitching’ technology allowing you to ‘stitch’ together several images to create one panoramic shot.
Samsung MV800

Network media players

So you want to hook up your TV with the internet but can’t afford to splash out on a new internet-connected Smart TV. Well, now you have an alternative. Sony’s SMP-N200 network media player does just that. You can watch streamed content from the internet from places such as BBC iPlayer and movies from Lovefilm for instance, but still use your TV as a TV as well.

Ultra thin OLED TVs

LG has really laid down the gauntlet in terms of ultra thin televisions. Its new 55” TV is just 4mm thick thanks to the use of new OLED technology that requires less space to operate and offers far better picture quality. Be prepared for other TV manufactures to follows suit.

Want to find out about even more new technology launches in 2012? Check out the 2012 International CES website for more info.


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