Top Business Phones To Use

There are so many smartphones in the market now that it’s difficult to tell which the best business phones are. As a business you need a phone which is reliable, user friendly and one that has features for you to communicate with people in different ways, some people are even looking at eco-friendly phones by mobile phone recycling . So let me give you an insight into the best business phones out today.



Always a winner when it comes to business, as we know, it was made with business users in mind. BlackBerrys run on the Blackberry OS and are smart, they let you open up and edit word/excel documents and also offers conferencing facilities. The phone is smart, stylish and sleek and it offers integrated email, text messaging, diary and contacts.

Even though the Blackberry may have a slower processing speed compared to some smartphones, it’s improving all the time. The latest Blackberry Torch handset has a slide out keypad and has a faster processor speed.


HTC phones have gone up in popularity within the last 5 years, the stylish handsets and the Android OS both work well together, the HTC Desire HD is a great example of the chemistry between the two.

This screen is bigger than most smart phones which, means you can enjoy watching your favourite TV programmes, videos and films. Business users can enjoy the video calling feature, personal organiser and Sat Nav. You can open up PDF’s and word documents but you will need to download an app that will help you edit it. If you haven’t used Android before you will notice the great usability of the OS, and unlike most phones you can just sync it into your PC without the need for software.


Nokia are now quite competitive in the business market, their designs are always sleek and stylish. Nokia’s latest business handset is the E6, this great looking phone is very similarly laid out to the Blackberry, but would probably be a lot cheaper to run (depending on your network provider), most users will be happy to hear that it has an improved touch screen and a keypad! The 8MP camera looks pretty impressive too and like the Nokia E5 it has a QuickOffice document editor, organiser as well.

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  1. balckberry, nokia, and iphone is the best market when it is a question of mobile phone.

  2. I bought my HTC Desire last month and haven’t looked back.It’s great and Androids are definitely the ones to watch over Iphone in my opinion. They have greater functionality, a lot of the apps are free from the Android marketplace and HTC marketplace, and they have greater integration with Google which is great with those who have Google accounts.

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